Anette Olzon (Sweden)

 Born June 21, 1971 (age 37)
Origin Katrineholm, Sweden
Genre(s) Power metal, Symphonic metal, AOR
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instrument(s) Vocals, oboe[1]
Voice type(s) Mezzo-soprano[2]
Years active 1988–present
Associated acts Nightwish
Alyson Avenue

Anette Olzon (born June 21, 1971) is a Swedish singer who has been the frontwoman of Finnish power metal band Nightwish since February 2007.
Olzon was formerly the vocalist in the Swedish AOR band Alyson Avenue.

Musical Background

Anette Olzon was raised in a musical family and has been singing since childhood. She began playing the oboe at age eight. She toured with her mother's band and sang with them on some occasions. Later, she started to take part in various talent shows and received laudable recognition. The first band she joined at seventeen years of age (Take Cover) was a cover band. However, it was short-lived as she took part in several bands and projects. At twenty-one, she played the leading role in the rock opera/musical "Grдnsland" in Helsingborg. After that she got in to the Balettakademien in Gothenburg. She sang in choirs, did studio work for various projects and occasionally performed as a wedding singer. Anette Olzon also sang a duet with Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart singer) on his album "Conspiracy".

In her earlier days, Anette Olzon took singing lessons at the Copenhagen Music Conservatorie, in Helsingшr, Denmark with a private teacher. Nowadays, she takes lessons from a private teacher at the Malmц Music University when needed.[3]


Alyson Avenue (1999–2005)

Olzon then joined Alyson Avenue, at first only as a studio singer, but later as their leading lady, replacing the male vocalist. The band received huge feedback for a demo they sent out in 1999, and Alyson Avenue was soon able to contact various labels. Main composer and keyboardist Niclas Olsson gathered the band, recording a four track demo which resulted in a record deal with AOR Heaven.

In November 2000, debut album Presence of Mind was released with rave reviews. The next album Omega was released in 2003. The band retired in 2006. Olzon joined Nightwish in 2007, and the other band members continued with a male lead vocalist and a new name, Sapphire.

Nightwish (2007–present)

Anette with Nightwish at Melbourne, 2008.

Olzon officially joined Nightwish as their new lead singer in early 2007, chosen from about 2,000 applicants of which 10 made it to prove their place in front of the band. The song on her demo tape was the 2002 single "Ever Dream". She replaced the previous singer Tarja Turunen, who was fired in an open letter in the autumn of 2005. Her identity was kept secret until May 24, 2007. The internet single "Eva" was released the day after she was announced as a singer. Fans and critics alike are divided over the replacement of Tarja Turunen by Anette Olzon, as the two singers present very different types of vocals, with Turunen being an operatic, classically trained singer (soprano), and Olzon taking an approach akin to rock.

It has been confirmed on The Rasmus webpage that Olzon has confirmed to sing a duet with Lauri Ylцnen, which will feature on the new album Black Roses. The duet was then dropped though, as it didn't fit in.

Beginning in the tour shows of 2008 and continuing through the summer festival season, Olzon encouraged crowd participation during instrumental breaks in many Nightwish songs, such as "Sahara", "Amaranth", "Dark Chest of Wonders" and "Nemo", with her now legendary "HEP!" chant. This has become very popular among fans, who are forming an unofficial "HEP! HEP!" army through the band's official forum, creating further support for future Nightwish shows.

Anette has also sung duets with Peter Tдgtgren, the lead singer of the band Pain, for Pain's newest album Cynic Paradise.

 Personal life

Prior to joining Nightwish, Olzon was a member of an ABBA tribute band. She had only discovered Nightwish's music two months before Tarja Turunen's departure.[4] Olzon has said that she is a fan of Sharon den Adel (from Within Temptation) and Simone Simons (from Epica), who are both symphonic metal vocalists.[5]

Olzon is a natural blonde, but colored her hair black upon joining Nightwish.[6] During the Summer festival season, Olzon dyed her hair auburn; although more recently she has returned to her natural blonde hair colour. She has stated in interviews that she gets bored very quickly, therefore she likes to dye her hair on a regular basis. Since joining Nightwish, she also had her right eyebrow pierced and tattoos done on her left forearm and the left side of her chest.



With Alyson Avenue
2000: Presence of Mind
2003: Omega

With Nightwish
2007: Dark Passion Play
2009: Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places)


With Nightwish
2007: Eva
2007: Amaranth
2008: Bye Bye Beautiful
2008: The Islander

Guest appearances
Conspiracy (Michael Bormann)
Crimson Skies (Cloudscape)
Heart Full of Fire (Brother Firetribe)
Cynic Paradise (Pain)

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 На 11 марта 2009 намечен релиз нового альбома
Nightwish - Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places)!

Треклист нового альбома:

1. "Bye Bye Beautiful (live)"
2. "Whoever Brings the Night (live)"
3. "Amaranth (live)"
4. "The Poet and the Pendulum (live)"
5. "Sahara (live)"
6. "The Islander (live)"
7. "Last of the Wilds (live)"
8. "7 Days to the Wolves (live)"
9. "Escapist"
10. "While Your Lips Are Still Red"
11. "Cadence of Her Last Breath (Demo)"



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